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This is an illustration of Lori leading a video conference. On the computer screen, there are pictures of five participants and a line graph.

Announcing Data Soapbox Office Hours!

Data Soapbox helps our clients develop entire research communication products, like reports and slideshows. But, sometimes researchers don’t need quite that much support. Sometimes they just have a one-off question:

  • Is 75 slides too much for my 30-minute presentation?
  • Is it ever OK to truncate the y-axis of a graph?
  • What’s the best way to promote my new journal article on social media?

We’re excited to announce that Data Soapbox is now offering a forum for free, brief research communication assistance…Data Soapbox Office Hours!

Each month, Lori will hop online for an hour, and we’ll chat about the communications challenges that researchers are currently facing. Guests are invited to bring their questions, dilemmas, and draft products, and we’ll get through as many as we can during the hour.

Don’t have any burning questions at the moment? Everyone is welcome to join us to contribute to the conversation and soak up some knowledge and inspiration.

Would you like to receive invitations to the monthly Data Soapbox Office Hour? Sign up here!

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