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This is a panel of three paintings of floral bouquets.

Reflections on Two Memorable Job Talks

In academia, and in companies with academic leanings, there are events known as Job Talks.  A Job Talk is one component of job interviews for professors, researchers, and the like. In exchange for free food of varying quality, current employees…

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This image says data visualization for, then an icon of a paint brush and palette, versus, then an icon of a head with gears for a brain.

Data Visualization for Art vs. Understanding

Every once in a while, a very small group gets overtaken by a big controversy. A couple of weeks ago, that very small group was data visualization professionals and enthusiasts, and the controversy was this: (The full New York Times…

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This is the cover of the picture book The Great Graph Contest by Loreen Leedy.

Book Review: The Great Graph Contest

Is there an elementary school teacher on your holiday shopping list? If so, check out Loreen Leedy's The Great Graph Contest! This picture book features Gonk (a toad) and Beezy (a lizard) as they compete to create the best* graphs…

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The presence of well-maintained trees is associated with less aggression, violence, and criminal activity in households and neighborhoods. Drawing of tree filled with hearts, smiley faces, and peace signs. Source: Turner-Skoff and Cavender, 2019, the benefits of trees for livable and sustainable communities. In the journal Plans, People, Planet, volume 1, pages 323 to 335.

Recap: SciArt September

Remember when I posted about my love for art supplies? Well, last month, artists Liz Butler and Glendon Mellow gave me a great excuse to use them and call it work: Often, science art focuses on the natural sciences. And…

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This is the Data Soapbox logo made of round, fused Perler beads. There is a black speech bubble surrounding a vertical bar graph with ascending orange, green, and teal bars.

The Art of Data

In these pandemic times, like many people, I'm spending a lot less money on things like clothes, gas, and outings with family and friends. But you wanna know what I'm spending more money on? Arts and crafts supplies. Some of…

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