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This is a photo of Cookie Monster holding a pie chart cookie. He is saying C is for cookie. And for Plan C, which can also be delicious.

Rejected Manuscripts: There’s a Third Option

In late March, an economics professor Tweeted about his academic dilemma: His manuscript had just been rejected from a journal for the seventh time. Should he give up on the paper? Last time I checked, the Tweet had 107 comments.…

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This image says On Pizza and Audience Segmentation. There is an image of a pizza slice, and the round pepperoni slices are little pie charts.

On Pizza and Audience Segmentation

Imagine, if you will, that I asked you to order a pizza. “Sure. What kind of pizza?” you ask. Whatever people will like. OK, who are these “people”? Everyone at our meeting! Can you be a bit more specific? Um,…

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