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This image shows a young person in a tie, pointing to a poster with a bar graph and text. The person is next to a confused looking woman.

So You’re Going to Judge a Poster Competition…

Spring is the season not just for The Pollening, but also for events like elementary school science fairs and graduate student research symposia. Last week, I talked with a group of PhD students about scientific posters. One of them was…

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This is a slide that reads Use blank words of text. The possible answers are A, 50 to 100 words, B, 100 to 300 words, C, 300 to 800 words, and D, 800 to 1200 words.

How Do I Love This Poster? Let Me Count the Words.

Two weeks ago, I realized that one of my fundamental beliefs about the world was wrong. Over the past several years, I’ve facilitated a bunch of workshops on designing and presenting scientific posters. Broadly, those workshops cover what content should…

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