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This is a panel of three paintings of floral bouquets.

Reflections on Two Memorable Job Talks

In academia, and in companies with academic leanings, there are events known as Job Talks.  A Job Talk is one component of job interviews for professors, researchers, and the like. In exchange for free food of varying quality, current employees…

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This is a photo of a laptop, with a copy of the book Presenting Virtually by Patti Sanchez.

Book Review: Presenting Virtually by Patti Sanchez

We’re living in a virtual world, and Patti Sanchez is here to help. I received Sanchez’s book, Presenting Virtually: Communicate and Connect with Online Audiences, as a (much wanted!) Christmas gift. I had some down time in January, and what…

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This is an icon of a person wearing a crown, sitting on a thrown. There is a green fig leaf covering their lap.

Can We All Just Admit That the Emperor is Naked?

When I was a kid, we had this book of classic fairy tales. In the table of contents, each title and page number was accompanied by an approximate reading time. My mom typically had about an 8-minute threshold…I have wonderful…

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This graph builds on the previous one, replacing the nine dots with nine football shapes.

On Decoration and Design

Before I started Data Soapbox, I was a practicing researcher. I designed research studies and collected, analyzed, and reported the data. As time went on, I got more and more interested in the reporting part of my job, to the…

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This is a PowerPoint slide. It shows diagrams in the shapes of the letters U, G, and H.

You Probably Can’t Read This, But…

When I’m watching a slide presentation, no matter how distracted I am, there is one phrase that will always snap me to attention: “You probably can’t read this, but…” I put this in a category with such phrases as, “This…

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This is a comic with two panels. The top panel is labeled "Freshman Year," and it shows 4 students looking happy, perky, and overeager. The second panel is labeled "Senior Year," and it has 4 students looking weary, jaded, and unimpressed. The first student, a female, is labeled as "Wants to be school president" as a freshman and "President of the Squirrel Appreciation Society" as a senior. The second student, a male, is labeled "Wants to run a marathon as a freshman and "Signed up for a 5K...overslept" as a senior. Student 3, a female, is labeled "Wants to make PBK" as a freshman and "Makes PBJ for lunch every day" as a senior. Student 4, a male, is labeled "Wants to date 15 different girls" as a freshman and "Put on 15 different pounds" as a senior.

Comic Relief

Despite having an education and career that are strongly rooted in science, art has been a consistent thread in my life. I can’t remember an era when I wasn’t creating something…finger painting in preschool, cross-stitching in grade school, picking up…

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