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This is a photo of a person cutting apart pages of printed text.

Keep It or Cut It?
Thoughts on Simplification

In this blog post, I talked about researchers' fear of leaving information out of their research communication products. This week, I'm digging a little deeper into the specifics of what types of information (in my opinion) are and aren't OK…

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This panel says, on chickens and science communication. There is an image of a chicken shape that is made up of different kinds of graphs. The chicken's body is a round radial graph. The chicken's head is a circular pie chart. The chicken's beak is an orange circular pie chart with a slice missing. The chicken's legs are made up of a bar graph, with two tall bars representing the legs and shorter bars representing the toes.

On Chickens and Scientific Communication

As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” I don’t eat fish, so let’s go with something that is…

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This is a photo of Lori, sitting and smiling at a white desk, in a gray and black swivel chair. She is wearing a gray Clarkson University sweatshirt, dark pants, and gray slippers. On her desk, there is a computer monitory, keyboard, laptop, mouse and mousepad, box of tissuees, cup of water, headphones, and white lamp. Behind her, there is a bookshelf with a rainbow of Copic markers and various knick-knacks.

On My Soapbox About Ergonomics

Today I’m not going to post about science or data or design. I’m going to post about another topic I tend to get on my soapbox about: ergonomics. Hey, I sit at a desk every day. My clients sit at…

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This is an illustration of Lori leading a video conference. On the computer screen, there are pictures of five participants and a line graph.

Announcing Data Soapbox Office Hours!

Data Soapbox helps our clients develop entire research communication products, like reports and slideshows. But, sometimes researchers don't need quite that much support. Sometimes they just have a one-off question: Is 75 slides too much for my 30-minute presentation? Is…

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this is a sign that says Warning, Controversial Opinion Ahead.

Controversial Opinion! Text in Graphical Abstracts

Occasionally, I have a controversial opinion about research communication.* This week it is: The best graphical abstracts have orienting text. OoOoOoOo! Provocative, right?** Let's break down this assertion. What's a graphical abstract? A graphical abstract is an illustrated summary of…

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This is a diagram of a football field. There are two teams, yellow smiley faces on the left and blue frowny faces on the right. The yellow ball carrier is around the left five yard line.

Research Communication: Go for the Touchdown!

Hey, friends! College football kicked off last weekend,* and the NFL season starts next week. That makes it the perfect time to share my favorite football analogy.** Picture this: Your rival team (blue) kicks off. Your (yellow) team’s punt returner…

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